Open Raven is a cybersecurity startup that helps customers prevent breaches, defend against attacks, and meet compliance needs.

I led design efforts for web and marketing projects, increasing our customer engagement and bringing in leads to our sales and GTM teams. Additionally, I worked on brand redesigns and maintaining brand guidelines.

tl;dr – what did all this work actually do?

  • Organic leads
  • Increased traffic
  • Improve accessibility
  • Larger social following

Web Design & Development

Using Webflow, I designed, developed, and maintained Open Raven's enterprise marketing website.

I helped lead the initial migration from our previous CMS to Webflow alongside the Head of CX at Open Raven. The design team decided to established a strong set of guidelines and strategies using the Client-First System. This created consistent pages, layouts, and components that made for quick be iterated on.

Myself and the Head of CX worked collaboratively – he led the primary design work and I led most of the dev work. I assisted with UX and sitemap, but because I was new in my role and to the cybersecurity role he focused on the supporting graphics.

To the right and below are examples of research and exploration for the first version of our Webflow site in 2021.

We noticed a large improvement from our previous website to Webflow, not only in performance and SEO, but the ability to fully customize everything provided the opportunity to make a better experience for the end user.

After using Webflow for over a year (updating layouts, redesigning navigation, swapping out messaging and introducing new pages and supporting graphics), we decided it would be best to start fresh and began preliminary discussions for messaging and concepts for relaunching. This also led to a rebrand, led by the Head of CX. We worked with our CMO and CEO to on new messaging and updated marketing strategies.

We didn't want to change the basic setup of the website – we mainly wanted to build it better – so we focused on research and design.

  • Managed 100s of CMS items including blog posts, timelines, videos, downloadable assets, podcasts, case studies, and more
  • Created numerous animations and interactions from animated Lotties and full page experiences to more subtle interactions for links, buttons, page load etc.
  • Worked with external SEO contractor to ensure best practices and improve rankings, primarily through updated meta descriptions/title tags, Open Graph settings,
  • Added a Glossary of common cybersecurity terms which increased SEO performance
  • Improved functionality for CMS downloadable content using embedded Pardot forms
  • Greatly ehance accessibility with clearly tagging heading and sections, more consistent alt text, better color contrast, and more to meet WCAG compliance

I worked in close collaboration with our marketing team to create successful launches and announce new features. We generated organic leads for the sales and GTM teams to pursue.

See the live website ->
See the live website ->


Webflow recently released Variables. which is something I would absolutely put to use if I were to rebuild – using Client First as a guideline. Client First is great, but is another aspect to understand when learning Webflow. Variables would make working on a team much easier.

Many features of Webflow were not needed for the Open Raven website (Users and Ecommerce). However, I would have liked to find reasons to utilize the Logic feature and Apps like Figma to Webflow or some of the Marketing Automations.

Video & Animation

Using Figma, After Effects and Premiere I created a product overview animated video from conception to final product alongside the marketing team.

Booth Design

Working alongside the Marketing team, I've designed numerous conference booths from conception to print, collaborating on messaging and layout along the way.


I was also responsible for most of the marketing assets that would go out including...

  • Solution guides, eBooks, and other long-form downloadable content
  • Blog thumbnails for social, web, and email
  • Static and animated social media posts, including avatars banners for the company and employees for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter/X, etc.
  • Email design and development (also worked with contractors on dev) 
  • Google Ads
  • Open Graph images

In addition to the design system work I did on the product side, I also updated typography guidelines and our color palette to meet WCAG standards.

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